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DrySign - The Next Big Thing in Electronic Signatures

DrySign Author
Digital transformation is changing the way the world interacts and conducts business. Consistent with this trend, Exela is excited to introduce ‘DrySign,’ our convenient and…

DrySign - Where Businesses Feel Secure and Guarded

DrySign Author
DrySign- Where businesses feel secure In the digital age, impersonation and cyber-crime are a hidden menace to the growth of businesses across the globe. Trust, once broken,…

E-Sign with Exela’s DrySign

DrySign Author
Considering Digital Transformation in Pandemic Times? E-Sign with Exela’s DrySign The Rapid Adoption of Digital Transformation and the Role of Electronic Signatures Embracing…

10 Compelling Reasons Why You Need Electronic Signatures

DrySign Author
Given the current pandemic situation, it has become even more important for companies to switch to digital modes for various approvals and office workflows. Out of the endless…

Ink Sign to DrySign: For the Spirit of Kaizen

DrySign Author
Exela constantly aims to change for the better in the field of technology and is breaking the anomaly of using paper while opting for paperless transactions. E-signature…

Signing Documents - The Old School Way Vs. The Contemporary Ways

DrySign Author
How far have we come in recasting our old school ways from using a quill pen to a fountain pen to a ball pen or a gel pen for writing or signing or scribbling or doodling?…