Benefits of e-signature for real estate agents
December 15, 2021
By Nidhi Prasad
Contractors and agents deal with a sizable amount of paperwork daily. Real-Estate and Property offices are almost always cluttered with Sales Agreements, Affidavits, Leases, Registration Forms, and…
Big Holidays Discounts coming your way! More than 30% off on every DrySign plan!
December 09, 2021
By Avantika Joglekar
DrySign celebrates this year-end with big discounts on all plans, including the Premium Plan! DrySign, Exela’s proprietary digital signature solution, allows users to securely exchange legally…
Implementation of Electronic Signatures in Healthcare Organizations
November 18, 2021
By Nidhi Prasad
With the dawn of digitization, just like most other market sectors, more and more healthcare industries aspire to make their processes paperless. The reason is significant benefits for the…

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