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The Environmental Impact of Electronic Signatures: Going Green in the Digital Age

Pooja Patil
Most recently, we've been hearing a lot about environmental, social, and governance (ESG) in board meetings and corporate governance documents, as well as in webinars, news…

On World Oceans Day, Drive the Change with E-signatures!

Pooja Patil
Oceans cover 71% of our planet's surface. Oceans are crucial for the sustenance of livelihood, and it is the collective responsibility of every business and every individual to…

Your Every Move Matters In The Game Of Climate Change! Choose Wisely; Choose E-signatures!

Pooja Patil
Nature is the core element that helps us survive; it provides oxygen, regulates weather patterns, and produces our food, feed, and fiber. When speaking of biological diversity,…

Invest In Our Planet’ by Embracing E-signatures!

Pooja Patil
4.543 billion years! Earth has been around for over these many years, and we have managed to cause an unprecedented level of damage to the environment in a mere century. With…