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Yes, electronic signatures are legally binding in most countries. Though the laws may vary from country to country, they all share the same basic principle. In the United States, it has the same legal status as handwritten signatures, granted under the ESIGN Act & the UETA Act. Certain businesses and local practices sometimes may still require wet signatures, so be sure to check before relying on DrySign or another electronic signature as your sole source of signatures.

DrySign is a cloud-based web application and can be accessed from devices like desktop, laptop, and mobile phones.

No, DrySign does not require the download of any additional software.

Electronic signatures are used to sign a wide variety of documents, including contracts, forms, letters, etc. In short, any business or personal document that requires affixing of signature from a person, entity, authority, etc. can be signed using electronic signatures.

DrySign is an electronic signature platform that simplifies and replaces the paper-based / wet signing process with a fully automated and digital workflow. Our platform is designed to administer important documents - anytime, anywhere, from any device with the click of a button. A wet signature necessitates a person physically signing a document, whereas an electronic signature is signed in a digital form on an electronically transmitted document. DrySign offers inherent security and minimizes the risk of tampering and impersonation in electronic communications.

Most present-day devices like computers, laptops, or mobiles will work fine with DrySign Electronic Signature. The application needs the minimum system requirements to enjoy the DrySign experience.

Please go to the sign-in page and click on Forgot Password. Enter your registered email address. A link will be sent with password reset instructions.

The signer does not need to have a DrySign account. However, if a signer is receiving multiple signature requests via DrySign, it is advisable to create an account, to efficiently track and manage signed or pending documents.

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