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Signing Documents - The Old School Way Vs. The Contemporary Ways

Signing Documents - The Old School Way Vs. The Contemporary Ways

DrySign Author

How far have we come in recasting our old school ways from using a quill pen to a fountain pen to a ball pen or a gel pen for writing or signing or scribbling or doodling? Although we are not the generation born in the age of the Quills, we surely are the ones who loved using a fountain pen! Well, that is just about us, the millennials, but what about the big businesses? Are we not in the digital era already? Every business today has been securing digital transformation to every extent that they can. We can say that digital transformation is taking over the world, be it mailrooms or lockers or printing services or human capital management or, for that matter, even signatures.

A signature is a mark of acceptance, authority, approval, or even obligation in some cases. While we live in a generation where globalization has cruized every level, then why not globalize signature workflows? When personnel of an organization can sign and send a document just with a few clicks from one country to another, then why not digitize?

E-signatures have become an integral part of globalization, which is far more cost-effective, efficient, a big time-saver, paper saver, and a modern way of being in the business. Hence, the usage of electronic signatures is reaching the skies and, of course, will the market for e-signatures.

So, what does Exela’s DrySign do?

It is just an uncomplicated and protected electronic signature platform to maneuver your business forward. Send out documents, and obtain signatures instantly, anywhere, anytime with DrySign. Our product will help users to access and sign documents from any device, anytime, anywhere. It will electronically generate multiparty signature requests enabling users to specify a preferred order of signature execution. With DrySign, you can obtain online signatures in a snap, set up reminders, and receive email notifications. It has the capability of storing documents with a complete audit trail, facilitating every user to search and download executed documents.

So, why just sign? When you can DrySign.

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