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DrySign - The Next Big Thing in Electronic Signatures

DrySign - The Next Big Thing in Electronic Signatures

DrySign Author

Digital transformation is changing the way the world interacts and conducts business. Consistent with this trend, Exela is excited to introduce ‘DrySign,’ our convenient and secure electronic signature platform.

  • No paper or printer required: DrySign is an electronic signature solution to draft, execute, and administer contracts – anytime, anywhere, from any device
  • Signatures at the speed of light: Enables contract finalization in real-time, eliminates delays from printing, overnight shipping, and interoffice delivery
  • Rethink the cost of paper and ink: Eliminates postage, printers, toner, and fleet maintenance costs
  • Seamless integration, secure storage: Easily integrates with corporate solutions as well as third-party products supporting electronic signatures. Executed documents and documents in the process are stored in the cloud – securely archived and fully searchable, no physical storage is needed

DrySign – Benefits – General 

DrySign saves time and resources:

  • A complete audit trail enables search and download on-demand via continuous e-document cloud storage
  • DrySign is a digital transformation tool supporting complete paperless transactions. It is an environmentally friendly option that eliminates costs while being a sustainable solution
  • Multiple signatory capability improves the speed of finalizing contractual agreements
  • DrySign’s 256-bit encryption ensures user security worldwide
  • DrySign easily integrates with other products requiring an electronic signature

DrySign – Benefits – Technical Phrasing

  • Reduction in OPEX (operational expenditure)
    • Paperless signatures save logistic, paper, and printing costs
    • No need for file cabinets or additional capacity to store paper
  • Reduced Business Risk
    • Secure signing and document archiving
    • Documents are stored electronically with a complete audit trail
    • Search and download executed documents
  • Accelerated Processes
    • Fast and effective signature execution
    • Location agnostic, digital experience
  • Increased Efficiency and Productivity
    • No need to manually print and sign documents
    • Eliminate time spent manually tracking and following up

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DrySign – Compliance
DrySign provides a compliant electronic signature technology that assures signed documents are legally binding.

  • DrySign adheres to industry and regulatory standards, such as:
    • US ESIGN
    • UETA (Uniform Electronic Transaction Act)
  • Cloud-Based Service: All signing components are hosted and maintained by Exela. There is no hardware investment or maintenance, and no internal cryptographic required.

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