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DrySign - Where Businesses Feel Secure and Guarded

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DrySign- Where businesses feel secure

In the digital age, impersonation and cyber-crime are a hidden menace to the growth of businesses across the globe. Trust, once broken, often results in organizations resorting to the old school of thought of physical signatures that are reliable and can be mapped to a trusted source. With electronic signatures, cyber-crimes involving identity theft and personal data breach are generally performed by attackers to sabotage operations. 

So, how do we establish a cyber-proof electronic signature platform, which is not vulnerable to our ever-increasing population of attackers equipped with tools like malware, to name a few?

Our software architects have thought this through while designing DrySign, our secure signing, and document archiving platform. Documents on DrySign are encrypted using 256-bit encryption, which validates signer authentication, non-repudiation, document integrity, and time-stamping. A complete audit trail of all stored documents ensures compliance with legal and regulatory requirements. 

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DrySign is a standalone product sold as a cloud-based software-as-a-service (SAAS) product. As such, the architecture platform does not require internal deployment, which can prevent malicious attacks at an organization’s network layer or the application layer where the server and database are hosted. A secure, electronically signed document is the final service deliverable. All signing components are hosted and maintained by Exela. There is no hardware investment or maintenance, and no internal cryptographic required.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, where working from home has become the “new normal,” several large, medium and small-sized businesses are willing to explore an innovative and trusted platform to accelerate decision making and execute plans with minimal red-tapism. 

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