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Industries Integrating E-signatures to their Modern Arsenal of Technologies

Vijith Menon
Signatures have been used in executing binding contracts for decades. Traditionally, handwritten signatures signify the written acceptance of contracts and agreements. They bind…

How E-signatures can Optimize Internal Processes – a Business Case

Vijith Menon
Today, technology offers a plethora of options to choose from for organizations looking to be profitable while minimizing risks. Decision-makers from these organizations have the…

5 Ways Marketing and Ad Agencies Can Raise their Game Using E-signatures

Pooja Patil
With increasing inflation and the fear of impending recession, businesses are looking for ways to cut down on costs to survive the next plausible economic downturn. Naturally,…

How High Tech Industries can Benefit from E-signatures

Vijith Menon
Technology plays a pivotal role in all major industries. And companies take extra care to invest in the right technology to gain an edge over their competition. But was technology…

Recession Rumors Setting You on Edge? E-signatures Help You Bring Down Expenditures

Pooja Patil
Recession rumors are everywhere. The Russia-Ukraine invasion, higher interest rates, and subsequent inflation are raising concerns that the U.S. economy is, once again, on the…

eSignatures: Positively Transforming Customer Experience in the Hospitality Sector

Vijith Menon
Hospitality is a broad industry consisting of sales of accommodation, food services, and related goods by organizations, sole traders, or partnerships that provide customers with…