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Digital Signatures: Helping the IT Sector Improve Efficiency

Vijith Menon
65% of United States-based businesses that use paper claim that getting physical signatures extends their workday by a full day. Business efficiency relates to how much a company…

Digital Signatures: Elevating the Healthcare Service Experience

Pooja Patil
It's a truism that the COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically changed our lives – from unusual working styles and elevated digitization practices to the ubiquity of teleconferencing.…

E-signatures: A Solution to Streamline the Supply Chain in Logistics

Vijith Menon
Logistics is the bloodline of any major organization looking to trade goods faster and reach customers quickly. In an age dominated by e-commerce, speed is of the essence. The…

How Electronic Signatures Power up the Automotive Sector

Vijith Menon
The automotive sector has prided itself on delivery. When customers needed petrol cars, the automobile sector delivered. When they required audio systems, the industry delivered.…

How Digital Signatures Make your Hybrid Workforce Efficient

Vijith Menon
In 2023, remote work is not unusual for employees. The pandemic forced organizations to revamp their workflows almost overnight. As it stands, the stability brought into the lives…

How eSignatures can Accelerate Growth for Enterprises

Vijith Menon
Enterprises have always relied on paper documents for conducting daily business. However, procuring business documents can be a tricky affair. It includes checking for any errors…