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IRS Income Tax Day 2021 Deadline Extended? Learn More About E-Filing in Under 5 Minutes.

DrySign Author
When is Tax Day 2021? Deadline Extended from April 15 to May 17: Here is What the IRS Wants You to Know about E-Filing Using Digital Signatures It is that time of the year, folks…

Guide to Going Paperless with DrySign

DrySign Author
Picture this; it’s one of those weekends after a long, tiresome week. Maybe you are looking forward to reading a good book or spend some quality time with your dear ones. But…

How to Get Free Online Signatures with DrySign

DrySign Author
Picture this; you are caught up in the midweek hustle. You could be a working professional on the run, a student who needs to sign an application on priority, or a freelancer who…

Electronic Signatures vs. Digital Signatures. Which One Should You Choose?

DrySign Author
Electronic signatures and digital signatures – these are two terms that are thrown around quite frequently in today’s modern, digital age. Looking at how similar they sound, it is…

Remote Working and Digital Signatures

DrySign Author
The year 2020 has set in motion an irreversible change that will continue to persist in many years to come. Remote working has proven to be resilient to changing business dynamics…

Why all SMBs working remotely need to deploy a digital signature solution

DrySign Author
When a group of like-minded and innovative individuals come together, creative ideas are allowed to flow freely that change this world for the best. One such collaboration that…