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The ways Electronic Signatures are driving ROI

Pooja Patil
The International Data Corporation (IDC) revealed that 65% of the global GDP would be digitalized by 2022. Today, the world has moved towards a digital era, embracing intelligent…

Implementation of Electronic Signatures in Healthcare Organizations

Nidhi Prasad
With the dawn of digitization, just like most other market sectors, more and more healthcare industries aspire to make their processes paperless. The reason is significant…

PKI – The Backbone of Digital Signatures

Nidhi Prasad
PKI is a framework behind digital signatures that enables users to authenticate online signatures through robust, end-to-end encryption. A digital signature is a PKI (Public Key…

Digital Signatures in the Entertainment Industry

Nidhi Prasad
Lights, Camera, Action! The entertainment and media industry makes a substantial contribution to economies the world over. Consisting of cinema, television, music, publishing,…

Blockchain - The Future of Digital Signatures

Nidhi Prasad
Digital signatures are steadily replacing the conventional methods of signing documents. Over the past few years, E-signatures have become more secure with the adoption of…

7 Reasons to Equip Legal Teams with Digital Signatures

Nidhi Prasad
With digital signatures like DrySign, legal organizations can save more costs by reducing paperwork and converting that time into billable hours, thus improving client…