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Ways e-signatures are transforming the insurance industry

Pooja Patil
Over the last few years, the insurance industry has demonstrated incredible adaptability and resilience. With digital technologies expanding at the speed of light, carriers have…

How eSignatures Enable Remote Work to be a Success

Vijith Menon
The COVID-19 pandemic and its aftermath have exacted a heavy toll on employers, upending the usual methods of working and conducting business. Companies had to change their…

Electronic Signatures: Simplifying Workflows for Law Firms

Pooja Patil
The legal industry is traditionally monetized by billable hours – one of the most critical goals of any law firm is to augment billable hours. However, for the most part, lawyers…

E-Signatures: Here to stay? Or on their way out?

Vijith Menon
Digital transformation has been on the minds of organizations now more than ever, and the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic has undoubtedly been a trigger. Digitalization of…

E-Signatures: The Impact on Workplace Productivity

Pooja Patil
The quest for workplace productivity and efficiency has always been a hot topic. Post-pandemic, this also posed a significant challenge for companies as work became remote and…

Automate your Contract Signing Process with eSignatures

Vijith Menon
Contract management is a process of creating contracts with third parties or partners to complete tasks within a stipulated time. Contract managers undertake it as a part of their…