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DrySign’s electronic signature solution makes remote signing possible through any device while enabling more accessible document storage and tracking in a secure cloud environment

The legal sector deals with an enormous amount of paperwork on a regular basis. Law firms lose out on productivity with time spent on creating documents, chasing signatures, copying, and filing. With an electronic signature platform, legal professionals can effectively eliminate the process of printing, follow-ups, copying, and scanning. The more streamlined approach towards document processes allows for clients to reduce their paper burden. DrySign automates signature flows to enable law firms to reduce the cost, time, and effort involved with processing legal documents. With DrySign, legal professionals can electronically request signatures, allowing clients to sign documents on the go. DrySign’s user-friendly platform, stores documents digitally in a secure environment that is extremely easy to search and track, making document retrieval seamless.

DrySign applications in the legal industry

  • Attorney/Client agreements
  • Insurance information
  • Medical releases
  • Depositions
  • Settlements
  • Shareholder consents
  • Claims
  • Class action communication
  • Power of Attorney agreements

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