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DrySign expedites document process and reduces cost, time and resources enabling educational institutions to provide a better on-boarding experience to students

Education institutions require to have large amounts of paperwork filled and processed, which can become a long and grueling process. Getting forms filled, signed, and scanned can sometimes be cumbersome and requires considerable time and resources. In today’s age, more and more people expect document processes that can be actioned at their convenience, and this is even more apparent in the case of students. With an electronic signature platform, education departments can relieve their staff by automating enrollment processes and making all forms and documents available online, so that they can focus on their primary objective of educating. DrySign helps institutions improve efficiency, customer service, and overall communication. An ESIGN and UETA compliant solution, DrySign logs the entire signing process that increases compliance in an industry where strict regulations are a requisite.

DrySign applications in the education industry

  • Enrollment
  • Registration forms
  • Student handbooks
  • Scholarship and Financial Aid applications
  • Student loan applications
  • Transfer requests and forms
  • ID forms
  • Teacher reports
  • Course change forms
  • Parking forms

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