Electronic Signature Solution for the Government Sector

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DrySign seamlessly optimizes workflows and reduces costs while providing enhanced security for safe, legally binding signing, empowering government organizations to achieve better efficiency

Over the last few years, most government agencies have taken up initiatives to achieve digital transformation, with more and more portals and websites dedicated to providing services to people. This initiative requires administrations to eliminate manual paper-based processes. With an electronic signature integration, governments can leverage the enhanced security and scalability that accompanies digital solutions. DrySign’s electronic signatures provide high levels of document security that help government organizations stay compliant to the strictest of security and legal standards. With government bodies continually striving to reduce overhead costs, DrySign considerably reduces the cost of ink, paper, and storage. At the same time, our competitive pricing models makes for an economical and sustainable choice.

DrySign applications in the government industry

  • Tax filing
  • New business registrations
  • Business change requests
  • Permits
  • Vendor contracts
  • Inspection forms
  • DMV forms
  • Payroll

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