Get Returns with DrySign
September 30, 2022
By Vijith Menon
Digitization of business documents such as contracts, agreements, or even forms and letters gave a new lease of life to traditional, time-consuming operational processes during the pandemic. However…
World Tourism Day: Work-from-anywhere with e-signatures
September 27, 2022
By Pooja Patil
In 2020, the world was witness to a global challenge. COVID-19 forced everyone to work from home. Even before the restrictions, people worldwide were keen to ditch their 9-to-5 jobs to work remotely…
The eSignature Debate
September 23, 2022
By Vijith Menon
Signatures have always been an important means of approval in all business and personal documentation. The signature is an anchor of trust and evidence. An agreement without a signature is open,…

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