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How Digital Signatures can be More than Just Your Initials

Vijith Menon
Signatures, those unique and distinctive strokes of a pen, are more than just a formality. They're a symbol of identity, a stamp of approval, and an art form in their own right.…

How eSignatures are a Better Way to Sign PDF Contracts

Vijith Menon
Contracts are a life source of any enterprise. It serves the purpose of generating revenue. They were usually stored in file cabinets and didn’t surface unless they were a cause…

How Electronic Signatures Enhance Employee Engagement

Vijith Menon
Human resource management teams face enduring challenges, from selecting the right personnel to managing their departure processes. The arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic further…

Are E-signatures Trustworthy?

Vijith Menon
The digital age has transformed nearly every facet of our lives, from communication and commerce to healthcare and education. One of the most profound changes has been the shift…

DrySign Mobile eSignatures: Helping Businesses Transact Digitally

Vijith Menon
The digital self-serve experience has become a cornerstone of modern customer interactions, offering convenience, efficiency, and empowerment like never before. In an era where…

Why eSignatures are Imperative for Data Security

Vijith Menon
Data breaches have become a growing concern for prominent enterprises. The potential fallout, including financial setbacks and damaged reputations, casts a shadow over both…