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Why all SMBs working remotely need to deploy a digital signature solution

Why all SMBs working remotely need to deploy a digital signature solution

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When a group of like-minded and innovative individuals come together, creative ideas are allowed to flow freely that change this world for the best. One such collaboration that rocked the world to its core was team Steve that founded Apple. Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs started off with an idea and worked their way to the top. But with drastically changing times, the core dynamics of any business has gone through equally drastic changes. We have seen globalization doing its best to facilitate business operations over diverse geographies. In this age of seamless connectivity, SMB’s working remotely cannot miss out on any transformative digital solutions that have the potential to replace any manual paper-based workflow.

End-to-end digital operations
We live in an era where technology is allowing us to do virtually everything and anything from the safety and comfort of our homes. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we saw a sudden shift in paradigm with most business operations initiating the transition from manual to digital. Hiring, for instance, is one of the vital parts of any SMB operating remotely. The revolutionary idea on which the business is based needs equally revolutionary minds working in tandem to turn the idea into reality. To make sure that the entire spectrum of the recruitment process goes digital, SMB’s need to implement a smart digital signature solution like DrySign to facilitate remote documentation.

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Remote collaboration with vendors via digital signatures
If you want your SMB to move fast, let it operate on its own. If you want your business to reach unimaginable heights, you collaborate. Any business, no matter just how ironclad the operation policies are, has room for improvement. This is where collaboration comes into picture. Then there is Murphy ’s Law – “Anything that can go wrong will go wrong.” History has proven that there is a myriad of things that can go wrong with paper-based agreements and service-level contract signing. With regulations like the Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act (ESIGN) and the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act (UETA), digital signatures carry the same legality as wet ink signatures. This means enforcing agreements and contracts via a secure solution that does not compromise the integrity of the agreement while making it easier to collaborate with vendors.

Getting rid of the hidden costs
When we look at the manual paper-based document signing process, not only is it filled with vulnerabilities, but it also comes with subtle and well-hidden expenses that make a huge impact in the long run. A sophisticated digital solution like DrySign provides features like online document storage that cuts down unnecessary costs like document printing, scanning, and storage, making them easier to retrieve, maintain, and use. From an operational standpoint, digital measures allow for a speedier workflow that results in cutting operational costs. Seeing how SMB’s have a slightly tighter budget to run the business and need to make the most out of technology, reducing such administrative expenses go a long way.

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