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Signing on the Dotted Line? Go for eSignatures!

DrySign Author

Traditionally, the only acceptable method for closing a business deal was by the delivery of the original signature – i.e., your "John Hancock" in ink. Five signatories to a document meant signing five originals of that document. Thirty such documents meant signing your name 150 times. Last-minute changes meant sending out five collated sets of 30 documents, plus copies, via overnight courier - if you could find a courier that was still open by the time the documents made it out of word processing were proofread, copied, and collated.

By the mid-1990s, fax machines had become standard office equipment. However, it wasn't until the late 1990s that faxed signatures were deemed an acceptable substitute for originals. The notion that signatures would, in the future, be exchanged via any other means seemed almost Jetson-esque. Yet, here we are with the launch of DrySign®.

DrySign® is Exela's e-signature platform. DrySign® not only lets you sign online, but it also lets you:

  • Send and receive documents for signature, on any device at any time.
  • Highlight what needs attention, including where to sign.
  • Authenticate signatures.
  • Send reminders and reports regarding the status of documents and signatures.
  • Securely store documents for future-reference, record-keeping, and administration.

DrySign® takes paper and ink out of the closing equation, as well as postage, printers, toner, wait time, and waste.

Not to mention paper cuts.

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