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6 Mistakes to Avoid When Adopting eSignatures

Vijith Menon

Traditional signatures have dominated business spaces as an official form of consent before entering into agreements or partnerships. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the drawbacks of still being dependent on such techniques. Organizations still running on paper-based processes had quickly adapt and transition to digital processes to ensure business continuity, resulting in electronic signatures being rapidly adopted. Social distancing and remote work further contributed to the demand. As a result, we now see electronic signatures or e-signatures becoming a much-preferred alternative to their traditional counterparts.

While not all industries are on board with this new technology owing to the surrounding misconceptions, its acceptance in sectors like finance, real estate, legal, retail, and construction has created new avenues for companies to be more efficient and enable smoother document workflows.

Businesses that adopted e-signatures saved 55%-78% on administrative costs – SRS Computing

For businesses that want to begin their journey with eSignatures or those already working with a digital signature solution, here are some mistakes to avoid while choosing an esign platform and getting online signatures.

6 Mistakes to Avoid while Using E-signatures

  1. Avoid choosing a platform that is not compliant and backed by Certification Authorities

    Many solutions today mislead users by claiming that they provide digital signatures, whereas what they actually do is allow you to upload a scan or photograph of your written signature. For electronic signatures to be legally valid, they must adhere to the laws of the land. E-signatures are legally binding in most countries like the U.S., Canada, the U.K., the Philippines, India, Germany, France, etc. Another feature you must look for is whether there is an additional digital signature certification from a legally recognized Authority, for ex: Entrust, RSA, or eMudhra.

  2. Avoid a complicated platform

    Online signatures should ideally help the user save time and resources while signing agreements and contracts. So if you choose a feature-overloaded eSignature platform that complicates your life instead of simplifying it, you defeat the purpose. Also, keep away from platforms with faulty and buggy UI and UX. Instead, look for a solution with an easy-to-navigate dashboard that can give you a comprehensive view of your digital document workflows.

  3. Do not neglect internal training

    Companies integrating e-signatures in internal processes often forget to inform and train their staff on the workings of the solution. Using eSignatures in your workflows should not be limited to the top brass and must trickle down the hierarchy. All employees should benefit from internal training to use any new technology. This avoids misuse of the platform and waste of productive time.

  4. Avoid a solution that complicates integration with existing systems

    When choosing new technology, always look for a solution that effortlessly integrates with your current systems and workflows. For ex: if you tend to do all your work on Gmail and Google Drive, find a platform that can easily blend with these solutions to make workflows more seamless.

  5. Avoid platforms that have device restrictions

    A platform that is not compatible with all your electronic devices is basically a manual signature process. Ensure that the platform you pick allows you to sign from anywhere, on any device, retaining the essence of a location-agnostic solution.

  6. Avoid obscurity in digital paperwork

    Anyone signing a digital document via your platform must be clear on what they are signing up for. An ideal online document requesting an online signature should contain:

    • Details of products and services provided within the document.
    • Full name and job title
    • Name of the business, address, and contact information
    • A clearly marked box wherein one or multiple signatories must add their online signature.
    • Date Signed

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Never pass up a Free Trial

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Electronic signatures are experiencing a surge in demand due to the digitization of documents and the pandemic remote work obligations. An eSignature platform like DrySign can curb printing, storage, and delivery costs, saving you hours of valuable time and creating seamless digital workflows with high-security standards. While many solutions exist in the market, DrySign stands out in several ways, including cost and simplicity! Here’s why we think DrySign is optimal for businesses of all industries, big and small:

The DrySign Experience

  • Seamless Workflow – DrySign automates the workflow of your billing, contract, and agreement processes instantly. Whether you belong to the HR, Sales, Production, or Operations team, DrySign can cut costs, save time and improve the productivity of your teams. With no bottlenecks like printing or storage, your teams can focus on growth instead of paperwork.
  • Instant Tracking – Every time there is an action on your digital document, DrySign can inform you of it. You are always updated with easy tracking notifications keeping you updated and in tune with your processes. You can even send reminders to your signatories from the DrySign dashboard for pending signs on important documents, helping you stick to competitive deadlines.
  • Ease of Use – DrySign users can easily send, manage, and store documents for signing from any device as long as they have an internet connection. With an intuitive dashboard and easy-to-navigate menus, managing office documents is child’s play.
  • Enhanced Security – Using DrySign may be child’s play, but the security is not. Trustworthy eSignature platforms can protect your documents from fraud and forgery. A two-factor authentication (2FA) within the solution helps gauge authentic users and prevents fraudsters from accessing your account. It even allows you to double-secure your confidential documents with the password-protected document feature.
  • Experience Efficiency – eSignatures can help you reduce trivial mistakes like printing or incorrect filing errors. According to a 2021 survey by financesonline, adopting e-signatures can reduce 92% of scanning errors and the risk of missing files by 66%. All these numbers finally add to lost time and money. DrySign offers 100% efficiency in all your digital workflows.
  • Legally Binding – eSignatures are legally binding and adhere to security and privacy regulations. Digital documents containing eSignatures with reliable digital signature technology can be upheld in the courts of law that recognize them.


A generic survey of modern businesses will show that most offices still prefer to use all the digital tools possible to avoid using paper, printing documents, and attesting them with manual signatures. Electronic signatures are misunderstood by major enterprises due to fear of trying a solution that is thought to be in its nascent stage. However, it’s the opposite! eSignatures have been around for decades, and we are only now realizing the potential of this reliable and far more sustainable option than its counterpart – pen and paper! e-signatures can virtually solve all challenges associated with physical documents and their storage.

Knowing what to avoid will help you narrow your search for the right eSignature platform. Try DrySign today to get the solution you desire.

Sources: financesonline.com | srscomputing.com

DISCLAIMER: The information on this site is for general information purposes only and is not intended to serve as legal advice. Laws governing the subject matter may change quickly, and Exela cannot guarantee that all the information on this site is current or correct. Should you have specific legal questions about any of the information on this site, you should consult with a licensed attorney in your area.

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